Humans are born social animals. We always have to interact with each other through communicating. It doesn’t matter the distance apart that a person might be, but the key is to have a platform which can enable communication. One such platform which has been in use for ages is the ham radio.

Brittany Brittany
What a name this site has.

Jessica Jessica
I don’t know even what I’m doing here.

Talking Moose
Talking Moose
Rodger that. Let me make a call of distress for you girls.


Radio hobby

DX auctionHam Radios or Amateur radio enables the hobbyist involve to carry out various activities remotely via radio waves such as have contests, help others during time of distress, provide emergency communication etc hence the popularity which doesn’t seem to go away even with the increased utilization of social media and other modern platforms. Moreover, through they enable users to network and create friendship. Basically, most of the activities involved are for leisure. These radios might be a bit costly, but the satisfaction derived is what keeps the hobbyist going.

Holly Holly
I thought nowadays people hang out in Facebook, Twitter an the likes.

Levi Levi
Yeah, only a person who is freaking crazy can spend some $10,000 dollars on a radio.


net_toonThis site was previously owned by The Trans Provincial Net which was an Amateur Radio Net whose main purpose was to serve the ham community.

The Trans Provincial Net used to meet daily on 7.055MHz lower sideband from 7am to 6pm Eastern Time.

The website was live from 2002 till mid 2008 when it was dropped and left to expire. I was gifted this website recently and since I’m also a ham radio hobbyist, I will be writing and publishing posts about the hobby.

On the wayback machine of this site, I recovered several interesting and funny stories of various hobbyists and decided to re-publish them. You can access them by clicking through various categories below.